ESR 7 - Anatoly Korotkov

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As an ECMED ESR, I joinded the Department of Pathology of the Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am studying the regulation of extracellular matrix genes by microRNA in astroglia during epileptogenesis.

In 2014, I graduated with a Master's degree at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University in Russia. For my PhD, I decided to work further in the fields of Molecular Biology and Neuroscience.

Characterization of ECM expression-regulating miRNAs in human focal epilepsy


Evidence is accumulating supporting the contribution of dysregulation in expression or activity of ECM molecules to pathological plasticity in the brain of patients with developmental epileptogenic lesions, as well as in patients with acquired forms of epilepsy. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) represent new class of post-transcriptional regulators of numerous biological processes within the central nervous system. miRNAs regulating different components of the ECM have been recently identified. 


  • Investigation and characterization at the cellular level of ECM expression-regulating miRNAs deregulated in different human epileptic disorders. 
  • Identification of ECM expression-regulating miRNAs as peripheral biomarkers.  


The characterization of the expression pattern and the cellular distribution of miRNAs acting as potential regulators of ECM molecules will be performed using both real-time quantitative PCR analysis and combined in situ hybridization-immunohistochemistry in human specimens from patients who after injury (status epilepticus, SE or traumatic brain injury, TBI), as well as from patients with established epilepsy (hippocampal sclerosis and focal malformations of cortical development). microRNA overexpression and loss of function studies will be performed in vitro to further identify the exact role of selected miRNAs in the modulation of ECM signalling pathways in human astrocytes in culture. The expression pattern of the miRNAs studied in human epileptic brain samples will be compared to that observed in selected hippocampal subregions and in blood samples after induction of status epilepticus in animal models to identify miRNAs may also serve as useful biomarkers in patients with epilepsy.


UEF will provide material from animals with epilepsy following traumatic brain injury, and UCL will provide material from other animal epilepsy models.

Current Activity

Anatoly is currenlty working at AMC and finishing his thesis in the same laboratory.

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