ESR 9 - Danylo Khomiak

Hosted at Nencki

ESR8 round

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Ukraine where I originally come from. I graduated with a Master's degree in Biomedical Science and Technology at the Mannheim University of Applied Science in Germany. During my Master's degree, I wrote a master's thesis about electrophysiology  at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics.

I am happy to be part of ECMED's consortium and to test novel MMP-9 inhibitors as a potential antiepileptic treatment. 

MMP inhibitors as potential anti-epileptogenic therapeutics


  • To test whether novel MMP-9 inhibitors prevent epilepsy in a range of epilepsy models.
  • To determine the effects that MMP-9 inhibition has on the epileptogenic process 
  • To demonstrate that modifications of epileptogenesis or seizure threshold results from MMP-9 inhibition.


The inhibitors will be tested for their efficiency to prevent development of epilepsy in experimental rodent models of epilepsy or alternatively on seizure threshold to kainic acid. Transgenic animals with either decreased (MMP-9 KO or heterozygotes) or increased (MMP-9 overexpressing) enzyme level will be employed to demonstrate specificity of inhibitors. In addition to epileptogenesis, we will also test cognition using behavioural tests in the Intellicage system. Ex-vivo tissue will also be examined to determine morphological synaptic and axonal plasticity/sprouting and the effects on neuronal network. 


Iproteos will provide novel MMP-9 inhibitors and we will jointly investigate their brain penetration. AMUVect-Horus and AMC will vectorise the inhibitors with poor penetration across the BBB. With IIT we will study effects of the tested MMP-9 inhibitors on neuronal network activity in cell culture to elucidate their mechanism of action.

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