The current students


12 students have been recruited in the first year of the project (2015) as Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

They will be hosted in one partner institution for a duration of up to 36 months, and will have the opportunity to do secondments in other partner institutions throughout their 3-year recruitment period.

ESRs Research Projects 

  • ESR 1 (Iproteos) - Design and synthesis of selective MMP-9 inhibitors and synthesis of modulators for ADAMTS4
  • ESR 4 (DZNE) - Targeting ECM-associated glycans in epileptogenesis 
  • ESR 5 (DZNE) - ECM-associated glycans in established epilepsy
  • ESR 6 (UCL) - Role of LGI1 in the expression and treatment of acquired epilepsy
  • ESR 7 (AMC) - Characterization of ECM expression-regulating miRNAs in human focal epilepsy
  • ESR 8 (UEF) - uPAR-interactome and post-traumatic epileptogenesis 
  • ESR 9 (Nencki) - MMP inhibitors as potential anti-epileptogenic therapeutics
  • ESR 10 (IIT) - Elucidation of causality between αV integrin deficiency and epilepsy
  • ESR 11 (IIT) - Development of MEA-based in vitro and ex vivo models of epileptogenesis and seizures for primary drug screening
  • ESR 12 (AMU) - Development of vector molecules for CNS delivery of ECM drug and imaging candidates developed by partners
  • ESR 13 (LIN) - Integrity of the lectican-based ECM and epilepsy
  • ESR 14 (UAntwerpen) - Imaging the extracellular matrix proteases MMP-9 and uPA in the development of acquired epilepsy
Diagram Research Projects

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