The Organisation

The University Of Eastern Finland (UEF) is the 3rd largest university in Finland.  It is a home for approximately 15,000 students and 2,800 members of staff. The A. I. Virtanen Institute (AIVI) for Molecular Sciences is in the Faculty of Health in the UEF. It houses the Department of Neurobiology and the Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine. PhD students working at the institute belong to the Doctoral Program in Molecular Medicine

The research at the Department of Neurobiology focuses on understanding the mechanisms of epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and neurodegenerative diseases. 

The institute is equipped with state-of-art laboratories for:

  • mechanistic studies (genetics, molecular biology, viral vector production, histology, morphometry); 
  • rodent neurophenotyping (motor, sensory, memory and neuropsychiatric functions); 
  • in vitro (electrophysiological setups for patch clamp and extracellular recordings) and in vivo electrophysiology (video-EEG monitoring units);
  • in vivo imaging facility equipped with 9.4T/30 cm, 9.4T/89 mm and 7T/16 cm MRI systems, μPET, SPECT/μCT, IVIS optical imaging, multiphoton, and ultrasound imaging. 

The Team

The research goal of the Epilepsy laboratory is to understand the mechanisms that lead to the development of epilepsy after brain injury (e.g., caused by traumatic brain injury or status epilepticus), to identify biomarkers that indicate ongoing epileptogenesis and predict the development of epilepsy, and to identify novel treatment targets to stop the development of epilepsy or to modify the disease process in such a way that epilepsy that develops is milder and easier to treat. 

The group is composed of 8 post-doctoral fellows, 4 PhD students, 2 technicians, and 3 undergraduate students. The group has a long-standing collaboration with the research groups on the campus, and all around the Europe and USA.

Contact Us

Prof. Asla Pitkänen
Department of Neurobiology, A.I.Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Eastern Finland
P.O.Box 1627 (street address: Neulaniementie 2), FIN-70 211 Kuopio, Finland

Tel: +358-50-517 2091+358-50-517 2091, Fax: +358-17-16-3025

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E-mail: asla.pitkanen@uef.fi



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