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The Organisation

Iproteos is a biotech company devoted to the R&D of new therapeutic strategies based on modulation of protein-ligand (PLI) and protein-protein interactions (PPIs) through peptidomimetics. These novel compounds are obtained through the"IPRO Technology", an innovative platform.

It is a proprietary technology that combines in silico drug design, peptide chemistry and medicinal chemistry and allows the obtaining of peptidomimetics. These molecules are more specific and less toxic than traditional drugs and more permeable and less immunogenic than biologics. Apart from these properties, peptidomimetics are able to interact with targets that are undruggable by means of small molecules, opening a new area of application.

Specifically, at Iproteos we apply the IPRO technology on the search for therapeutic agents for the treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases.

Given the potential of the IPRO Technology in the therapeutic field, we not only apply it in our pipeline, but we do partnerships as well.

Since Iproteos founders are peptide and peptidomimetics experts, the platform is very robust. Besides, it is continuously optimized and updated. 

The platform has already demonstrated its potential through the generation of a candidate for the treatment of the Cognitive Impairment Associated with Schizophrenia (CIAS). The drug is currently on regulatory preclinical phase and will start phase I in 2016. 

The Team

  • Teresa Tarragó, PhD and MBA (Co-founder and CEO)

Teresa has a broad experience in drug discovery through her work for more than fifteen years conducting several research lines on proteases and protease inhibitors as a Researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Barcelona (IRB Barcelona, Spain). She has been involved in project management of internationally funded research projects as well as in direction of join projects with biotech companies. Teresa has published over 29 papers, 2 books and holds two patents. Besides her scientific formation, she holds an Executive MBA from one of the top business schools, ESADE Business School.

  • Roger Prades, PhD (CSO)

Roger did his PhD in Chemistry under the supervision of Professor Giralt at IRB Barcelona, where his research was focused on the development of new peptides with the capacity to transport cargos across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). He has a strong expertise in peptide synthesis and ADME drug profiling, specially determining the capacity of compounds to cross the BBB by means of several in vitro models. He did a scientific research stay at the department of diagnostic radiology at Yale University School of Medicine (USA), where he implemented in vivo experiments to his research.

  • Jesús Seco, PhD (Head of Computational Chemistry)

Jesus received his PhD in Pharmacy at University of Barcelona (Spain), where he focused on rational computer-based drug design, and afterwards he moved to University of Oklahoma (USA). During his career, he has got proficiency in the most advanced computer approaches currently used in drug design, such as biomolecular simulations, docking techniques, chemo- and bio-informatics as well as systems biology. He has participated in several academia-industrial partnerships and he has published two articles and one book chapter. He is responsible for deploying computational techniques in order to identify and optimize hit molecules.

  • Laura Mendieta, PhD (Business Developer)

Laura did a PhD in Biotechnology at IRB Barcelona, where she was devoted to the discovery of protease inhibitors as therapeutic agents. She has done an internship at Harvard Medical School, where she acquired experience on high-throughput screening. During the last year of her PhD, she did a postgraduate course on innovation management at the University of Barcelona.

Contact Us

Laura Mendieta
Email: laura.mendieta@iproteos.com
Teresa Tarragó
Email: teresa.tarrago@iproteos.com


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