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The Department of Neuropathology, Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam) investigates, for diagnostic purposes, autopsied brains, muscles biopsies and brain biopsies. Since 1998 the major research interest is to understand the pathogenesis, epileptogenesis and pharmacoresistance of human focal refractory epilepsy. Two fulltime neuropathologists, five technicians and two research collaborators are involved. The department is connected with the departments of General Pathology and Genome Analysis, with the Center for Neuroscience (UvA) and Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland. 

The department has excellent core facilities: for wide range of top standard procedures for diagnostic and research purposes, including laser capture microdissection, DNA extraction, RT-PCR, in situ hybridization, immunocytochemistry, light- confocal laser- and electron-microscopy, cell cultures, as well as expertise in animal models of epilepsy.

The Team

Dr. Eleonora Aronica (AMC, FTE 20%), neurologist & neuropathologist with clinical and fundamental scientific experience, particular interest: role of glia-neuronal dysfunction in human neuropathology. 

Dr. Erwin van Vliet (AMC, FTE 15%) and dr. Jan Gorter (SILS-Center for Neuroscience, FTE 15%); neurobiologists, expertises: experimental epilepsy models, electrophysiology, EEG. Dr. Anand Iyer (AMC, FTE 15 %), biologist, expertise: molecular biology, miRNAs.

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Dr. E. Aronica 
Dr. E.A. van Vliet 


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